Decorating your home with mirrors

Wall mirror reflecting indoor plant

Ehere are infinite creative ideas for mirrors in your home

There are infinite creative ideas for mirrors in your home. Why is that, you might ask? Well, probably because a mirror is much more than just a vanity check for your hair or untucked shirt. They are a great accent piece to decorate with to add some flair to your home.

Types of Mirrors
Mirror styles can be traditional to ultra-modern. Antique style mirrors have the appearance of some wear or they may come with ornate gold frames, giving it the look of something from the 18th century. Rustic mirrors give off a farmhouse, almost western appeal. A modern mirror may feature a silver mirrored frame or a criss cross silver type of pattern.

The point is, there's a mirror for every room style you wish to reflect.

Shape & Sizes of Mirrors
Decorative mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, not just from round and oval or rectangular and square, but also hexagon, starburst, or wiggly edges. Honestly, the possibilities are endless!

Despite this, we've outlined just a few creative decorating ideas based on some shapes.

Large round mirrors offer a lot of flexibility; perfect over a mantel or console, or even a bathroom vanity mirror (if you have the wall space).

Horizontal rectangular mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space; they work well in a dining room or above the sofa.

Large oval mirrors can reflect a targeted light on a wall so it works well over your bed or mounted on an empty space if you're looking to reflect the light on to something to highlight it.

Small mirrors are best on a gallery wall, either a 3 piece set, or surrounded by family photos as these mirrors look more like wall decor than mirrors themselves.

Large rectangular floor mirrors can add some serious drama when rested on the floor; vertically, they can look almost like a portal and create the illusion of a doorway to another room and horizontally, they create the illusion of a window.

Abstract shaped mirrors can be a bold focal point since they draw attention as an art piece; they work well over a fireplace mantel or to reflect the dining room chandelier.

Decoration Tips
These are just suggestions, but we do recommend that whatever mirror you choose should be proportional to the wall space available. If you love a mirror and notice it doesn't seem big enough to fit on a wall, consider buying the same or similar styles and lay them out next to each other.

Decorating using mirrors adds glamour, style and soft romance. If your bedroom includes a matching dresser or vanity mirror, having other matching mirrors aren't necessary. Using a mirror over the bathroom vanity is an absolute must. However you use it though, is totally up to you and your tastes! If you have a double vanity, opt for including two matching mirrors instead of one large one.

Decorating with mirrors brings light, style, space and creativity to nearly any area in your home.


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