Storage Bed Benefits: Why People Love Beds With Drawers

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Storage Bed Benefits: Why People Love Beds With Drawers
By: NovaBeds Toronto

If you're looking for a new bed but don't know what to get, the storage bed is always a solid option.

The storage bed is one of the most practical and modish creations furniture makers have designed thus far.

What started off as an excellent hack to save lots of space has now created a distinct segment in the marketplace.

A nicely designed and delicately carved wooden storage bed can make your bedroom decor both practical and elegant.

Below we highlight the top benefits of owning a storage bed.

Let's get right into it.

Storage bed benefit 1. Easier to clean and manage

grey storage bed

If you're one to try to do the housework and cleaning chores all by yourself, you'll be conversant in the experience of picking out several of your belongings from underneath the bed.

These beds are often challenging to wash as you'd need to map out and move everything from beneath your bed before you start to wash.

Moreover, a number of your belongings may stray or misplace underneath the bed.

With a storage bed, you'll easily remove everything and put them into a separate space for storing.

Storage beds make the space neater and easier to wash. 

Storage bed benefit 2. Adds style to your room

You can never run out of ideas and ways to decorate your room and make it appear classier.

A wooden bed frame with extra space for storing is one among the simplest designs to feature in favour of your bedroom.

Not only is it a superb alternative to the expensive and more luxurious bed designs, but they're also useful for people living in smaller houses with smaller bedrooms.

Storage bed benefit 3. Helps control clutter

cooling mattress toronto

If you would like to regulate clutter, having an additional vault in your bedroom is often an important way of tackling this issue.

You'll also use the additional space during an emergency clutter control when your house isn’t entirely clear, but you continue to do thorough cleaning within the shortest time possible.

While this storage bed benefit is temporary, it's incredibly convenient once you need it.

Storage bed benefit 4. Space

cooling mattress toronto

The first advantage to note is that beds with storage are great for people with an area crunch.

Modern apartments aren't very spacious, and other people are constantly battling a scarcity of space.

Once you get a bed with storage, you're buying extra space.

By storing things within the bed, you create more room within the closet and/or within the room.

 According to experts, however, this space under the bed should be used just for bedding materials. One should attempt to not use this space to store other things.

Storing only sleep-related items, like extra bed sheets, blankets, quilts, duvets, extra pillows, etc. enhances sleep while articles that aren't related to sleep can hinder your sleep once you store them under the bed.

Storage bed benefit 5. Dust

dusty room

Having a bed with storage allows you keep your extra bedding tucked away, ultimately protecting them from dust.

If you do not own a bed with storage and are storing your things under the bed, they're presumably to be dirty and dusty.

Also, the bedroom won't look tidy or organized. This will hinder everything, from the design of your room to your own productivity, because if you're living in a messy room, it's almost impossible to be productive.

It will also make cleaning the space very easy. If you don’t have a storage bed, then you'll need to move these extra belongings somewhere before cleaning the space.

Once they are stored within the bed, you'll easily be able to remove any dust and organize the remainder of the space.

Storage bedroom benefit 6. Closet space

girl experiencing night sweats on cooling mattress toronto

With such an enormous space in your bed to store things, imagine what proportion of space you'll have within the closet for other things?

You'll store your clothes the way you've always wanted to. You'll organize your wardrobe within the most effective way.

In fact, you'll even consider buying some new clothes and shoes.

An organized wardrobe often translates to you preparing faster and smarter, which successively ensures you're always where you would like to get on time.

Storage bed bedroom 7. Mattress stability

lesbian couple sleeping on cooling mattress

Not many of us know this, but a storage bed is great for mattress stability.

The storage bed frame is more beneficial than a bed frame without space for storing. For mattress stability, which helps prevent accidents and also makes sleeping an easier experience, you ought to invest in a bed with storage.

Couple this bed with a memory foam mattress of medium firmness.

The mattress will help you with any back or joint pain.

It'll help soothe pressure points in your neck, shoulders, and hips, preventing unwanted midnight and morning aches.

Memory foam also features a unique body contouring ability. This means the spine of the sleeper can maintain its natural alignment when the sleeper sleeps on a memory foam mattress.

The mattress also offers motion isolation, and it's hypoallergenic, thus keeping allergens cornered.

If the fact that moving a bed around sounds troublesome and is discouraging you from buying it, then undergo this set of benefits again.

Having extra space may be a luxury in today’s world, and you can have that luxury without breaking the bank by investing in a bed with storage.

Where To Buy A Storage Bed?

luxury bedroom idea 7

Buying a storage bed online comes with many perks and benefits.

A high-quality online furniture website offers amazing flexibility to see storage beds around the clock, three hundred and sixty five days a year.

Unlike brick-and-mortar furniture stores, online stores allow you to urge detailed specifications with a wide selection of storage beds.

The biggest advantage of a local furniture store is you may visit to get the real feel of a bed before buying it.

But for that singular advantage, you lose multiple other benefits offered by an online distributor.

Before buying a storage bed, either online or offline, make sure you read online reviews and the terms and conditions carefully.


A storage bed is synonymous with comfort and convenience.

Complementing your storage bed with a high-quality mattress will provide you with comfortable sleep, night after night.

And the facility to store an outsized number of things inside the bed makes it convenient. Browse through our storage beds collection and figure out which one fits your personality best.

If you have any questions about buying a new luxury bed or mattress feel free to contact us via email at or float us a note on our Facebook fan page.


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