Upholstered Beds Benefits: Six Reasons Why Everyone Loves Them

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Upholstered Beds Benefits: Six Reasons Why Everyone Loves Them
By NovaBeds

Today we're talking about a crowd favourite, the ever so popular upholstered bed.

Easy on the eyes as it is easy on your body, today we share its top benefits and why it has become such a popular choice around the world. 

What are upholstered beds?

Most beds make use of wood for their frames; however, for an upholstered bed, more luxurious materials such as velvet, faux leather, or suede are used to design the bed frame, headboards, and the foot of the bed.

For additional comfort, upholstery is usually covered with additional padding, which makes it more comfy.

Another significant feature of upholstered beds is the exquisite button studding and embroidery; the embroidery can take a wide range of forms, giving any room the bed is placed a very luxurious feel.

Over the last decades and even centuries, the upholstered bed has maintained its position as one of the most fashionable and highly rated bed designs used in interior decoration.

Although luxurious bed designs such as the blond Scandinavian pine design or the classic wrought Iron frame might be considered worthy adversaries, nothing really matches the upholstered bed when it comes to aesthetic, warmth, and class.

The uniqueness of the upholstered bed makes it possible for interior decorators to customize the bed material, shape, and colour to match the remaining part of the room, thus contributing significantly to the general significance of this wonderful innovation in interior design. 

Upholstered bed benefit #1: They are flexible

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Now you might be wondering, how can a term like "flexible" be used to describe a bed?

Well hold on, and let's explain.

You see, one major issue with interior decorations is the wide contrast that usually exists between the material you want to use and how these materials fit into the general outlook of your interior space.

Whether you love contemporary designs such as the modern minimalist or you prefer traditional 18th and 19th century interior designs, it does not matter, the upholstered bed can be easily styled to complement a wide range of interior aesthetics.

The pattern, colour, material, and shape of this bed can be easily altered to match your taste. 

Upholstered bed benefit 2. They are easy to maintain and are convenient

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Apart from the flexibility offered by this bed design, another major benefit of the upholstered bed is the convenience it offers.

For most people, the management and maintenance of their bed is a very big issue, this is especially worse when you have kids or pets that love to climb on the bed and snuggle with you.

To solve the problem of spills and stains, the upholstered bed allows you to choose high-performance fabric such as performance linen and performance velvet, these materials can be easily cleaned by simple vacuuming.

Apart from the convenience offered in terms of cleaning and maintenance, the upholstered bed is also convenient in other ways.

For example, unlike conventional bed designs that require a box spring for a platform bed support, the upholstered bed features closely spaced wooded slats, which is perfect for mattress support.

Also, if you are short of space, the Upholstered bed also contains a special built-in space under the bed, where you can keep extra beddings or spare clothes. 

Upholstered bed benefit 3. They are personal

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Perhaps, you pay a lot of attention to your personal space, you like to make your room your own with every detail accurately accounted for.

Well, if this is the case, then the upholstered bed is the perfect thing for you.

Since the bed is the focal point of your room, it is important you make it your own and the upholstered bed allows this.

You get to choose the style that resonates with your personality, the fabric you are most conformable with, and the position that works best for you; all these make you feel like you are in your own castle. 

Upholstered bed benefit 4. They are comfortable

With all the points that have been discussed above, it is no brainer that the upholstered bed is one of the most comfortable bed design you can ever opt for.

Speaking of comfort, the upholstered bed features a high-quality headboard that provides you with the perfect support, allowing you to watch movies, read novels, or have a romantic chat with your partner without experiencing any back discomfort.

The upholstered bed also features a footrest that is designed for the comfort of your foot, these footrests aid blood circulation around your feet it creates a cocooned coziness with an added dramatic effect.  

Upholstered bed benefit 5. They give you a unique ability to control interior sound and heat

energy savings two

Although this might sound absurd, it is actually one of the major reasons the upholstered bed has been en vogue for decades.

As you know, this bed comes in very large sizes and is often the most prominent object in any room.

The upholstered bed gives you the ability to adjust how much effect the bed has on the way sound moves in the room and in the general temperature of the room; depending on your preferences, you can customize the headstand and other parts of the bed with a unique fabric that absorbs heat and bounces back sound waves.

This provides you with a more comfortable experience while you sleep. 

Upholstered bed benefit 6. They are long lasting

white upholstered bed

For many people, durability is a major factor that determines the types of household materials they buy, after all, you do not want to purchase something that will require repair or replacement in the next few months.

Well, you do not need to worry when it comes to the upholstered bed. This bed is uniquely designed to offer you the best value for your money; it provides durability and luxury in a single package.

It is made from durable fabric that can last for decades without experiencing any wear or tear.

Although this bed is very durable, it is important to ensure that it is regularly cleaned and protected from sharp materials that can cause direct damage to the bed's fabric. 


And there you have it folks!

The benefits mentioned above are just some of the advantages of the upholstered bed. It's a fan favourite here at Nova Beds for all those reasons.

So if you decide to bring an upholstered bed into your bedroom, you can be certain that it'll instantly impress any one who sees it at first glance. Not only that, they'll never want to leave!

If you have any questions about buying a new luxury bed or mattress feel free to contact us via email at info@novabeds.ca or float us a note on our Facebook fan page.


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Upholstered Beds Benefits: Six reasons Why Everyone loves Them.

Today we're talking about a crowd favourite, the ever so popular upholstered bed.Easy on the eyes as it is easy on your body, today we share its top benefits and why it has become such a popular choice around the world. 

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