Who We Are

Hello, and welcome to NovaBeds! A local furniture shop based out of Mississauga, ON. We're Abhi & Taya.

We are a family owned furniture wholesaler and distributor who curate the finest, high-quality products and provide them close to cost to bring you style and comfort without the financial stress.

Our goal is simple, we provide the same high-quality items big box stores sell for significantly less, because we believe everyone deserves to own furniture they love without settling for cheaply made products.

Though our online presence is new, our business is not. As a result of the closures and limitations posed from the pandemic, we moved from brick & mortar to e-commerce. This has allowed us to re-evaluate our pricing and business model to bring you the best value and service!

We are partnered with multiple Canadian-based and Canadian-employed importing companies that routinely and frequently bring in fresh and up-to-date styles to match every season, taste, need, and want.

Our prices and service are simply unbeatable! By being online-based, we save on overhead costs other stores need to worry about, meaning we can keep our profit margins small and pass the savings on to you!

Our operations are based out of EzySleep Inc., the sister company of NovaBeds. We use one of their units for pickups and storage, and have our mattresses on display in the showroom. EzySleep manufactures our Canadian-made mattresses and boxsprings.

Our Mission

To close the gap between luxury and affordable pricing.

Our Vision

To have a number of useful and premium styles to suit every taste.

Our Focus

To provide the best service we can to ensure you are completely satisfied.

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